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Extra Virgin Olive Oil  & Balsamic Nutrition 

Heavenly's Olive Oils and Balsamics are: Gluten free, all natural, no artificial flavoring, no thickeners, no added sugar and no added caramel coloring or dyes.  No artificial ingredients at all! 

We are passionate about our products because they not only taste delicious, but they are incredibly healthy. If you are concerned about your heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, bone strength, or even weight loss, you’ll find that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland any longer!

We love answering questions regarding our oils and vinegars! As you might have tasted by now, not all olive oil is created equal!

When you visit one of our stores or our website, you will notice that high polyphenol counts are noted on a few of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO). Polyphenols are a class of antioxidants found in a variety of foods. Polyphenols such as Oleuropein, Oleocanthal, and hydroxytyrosol impart intensity and robust flavor. Recent studies indicate that these polyphenols are responsible for many of the health benefits associated with consuming fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil. Phenols in olive oil decrease over time or when exposed to heat, oxygen and light. Consuming fresh, well-made olive oil with high polyphenol content is crucial when looking to obtain the maximum health benefits commonly associated with consuming extra virgin olive oil.

Just a few key standards for our premium EVOO's:

  1) Fruit must be in excellent condition - As fruit ripens, the polyphenols decline and when fruit is over ripe you end up with an oil that has higher than desired acidity & lower polyphenols. Many producers will even over water their trees (which dilute these precious water soluble polyphenols) to achieve more oil yield but the quality suffers as a result. Many producers will let the fruit over-ripen to get more oil. In turn, they sacrifice the quality and will often have to have it refined to clean up the chemical & sensory defects (which also strip the health benefits) such as oil made from fruit on the ground or bruised, broken skin etc. (damaged fruit). This cannot and should not be sold as "extra virgin". Just as when you are selecting fruit at the market you avoid bruised apples, bananas, etc.! Our oils are unfiltered, providing you with the maximum amount of nutrients, flavor and quality!

  2) Fruit must be picked and harvested quickly - Our olive oils are made from olives that were picked and crushed in a matter of hours! The faster the fruit is crushed the lower the acidity. Many oils will fail the limit for acidity if the olives sit around and are not processed within 24 hours from picking. We select from growers that utilize methods of harvesting which allow for fruit to be picked and rushed to the mill quickly. Although "hand picking" is romantic, this is not always best for the olives themselves because the quality clock is ticking once they are picked. Many of those hand-picked olives sit in burlap bags for hours or even days before processing…Not ours!

  3) Malaxer -low temperature, for a short amount of time. When the olives are crushed, the paste goes into a malaxer. This is crucial and may producers will sacrifice their quality for "quantity" in the malaxer to get a better oil yield. Our supplier demands that the paste be malaxed at temperatures lower than IOC standards and for under 1 hour, no longer! This is crucial to the integrity of the oil, protects the volatiles and will ensure low Peroxide Values (measurement of oxygen in the oil). Peroxide is crucial because it climbs as the oil ages and is associated with color changes in oil as well -as it oxidizes. Additionally, heat is the enemy of olive oil and many producers will negatively impact their product in the malaxer because they are not concerned with quality and will heat the paste very high yet still make the grade for "Extra Virgin"!

  4) Oil keeps best in bulk! We store our olive oils in steel fusti and only bottle it when it's ready to be purchased. These steel containers protect our oils from 100% of UV rays.

Remember Fresher is better! Olive oil is highly perishable although it has been treated historically like a shelf stable fat. In fact, itis more like produce & highly susceptible to the elements (heat, light and oxygen). Protect it and use it quickly. It is one of the few fruits where the oil comes from the flesh of the fruit unlike seed or nut oils. When made correctly and consumed fresh it is extremely healthy--high in Oleic Acid (monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid) and is one of the few oils to contain a considerable amount of polyphenols (anti-oxidants). It also contains Alpha-Tocopherols (the provitamin-E compound). We have oils with record breaking high scores in both polyphenols and Oleic acid!

We offer a wide selection of single variety Extra virgin olive oils, infused olive oils and fruit-fused olive oils for you to enjoy!

 - Single variety--meaning only one type of olive (such as Arbequina or Picual), grown by a single cultivator, not a blend of several types of olives or from cultivators from several groves (or even countries).

 - Our Infused olive oils are Extra Virgin olive oils that have then been infused naturally with different herbs or spices.

 - Our Fruit-Fused olive oils are produced by crushing the fruit at the same time the olives are pressed, creating a completely fused and delicious flavor! This is in contrast to some producers that flavor their oils with a fruit concentrate.

Yes, our oils are Gluten Free!!

**Cooking with EVOO is a fantastic way to avoid Saturated and Trans Fats! Our oils add delicious flavor to any meal and the higher the polyphenol count of the oil, the more heat it can withstand! Use in baking, sautéing ,marinades, etc.

Health Benefits:

Researchers are continuing to discover that olive oils and balsamic vinegars provide many excellent health benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO is one of the most health promoting types of oils available. People who use olive oil regularly, in place of other fats, have much lower rates of heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and asthma. It is a functional food that is also rich in antioxidants and phenolic compounds with a variety of protective effects for the body. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil are used by the body to produce substances which are relatively anti-inflammatory Helps to lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. Can help in prevention of bone loss Reduces risk of breast cancer Can improve insulin sensitivity, lower your blood sugar, and prevent fat collection Regular use of olive oil has been associated with lower rates of rheumatoid arthritis Promotes weight loss.

*Above notes are cited from "The World's Healthiest Foods” website: http://www.whfoods.org/ Clinical research has proven the benefits of high quality EVOO and doctors recommend incorporating 2 tablespoons of EVOO consumed raw (this can be over salad, vegetables, meats, poultry, pasta,etc.) daily to help increase your overall cardiovascular health.

Balsamic Vinegar According to Nutrition Data, balsamic vinegar is a source of calcium, iron, manganese and potassium, minerals which improve the body's functioning and weight loss abilities. Balsamic vinegar contains polyphenols, antioxidants that protect the body from heart disease and cancer The vinegar boosts the activity of pepsin, an enzyme that breaks protein down into smaller amino acids that can be more easily absorbed by the body. Pepsin helps to improve the body's metabolism as well. Balsamic vinegar can also improve insulin sensitivity for diabetics, allowing easier regulation of blood sugar and reducing unpleasant side effects from diabetes. Balsamic vinegar can be used as a substitute for salad dressing or marinades, which are more fattening, resulting in a lower calorie intake. It also works to suppress the body's appetite and increase the amount of time it takes for the stomach to empty, which can contribute to weight loss by preventing overeating.

**Beware, some of the balsamic vinegars that are available in stores are synthesized and include high amounts of caramel and sugar. High fructose corn syrup is a common ingredient in grocery store and restaurant vinaigrettes.

Our balsamic vinegars are true balsamic vinegars made from a reduction of pressed grapes, no additives to sweeten or thicken the vinegar, and no additional sulfites. They are Gluten Free. Naturally aged in wood barrels, rotating to successively smaller sizes, achieving the desired complex flavor and standard low acidity levels…nearly all of our dark balsamic vinegars measure at 4% acidity (balsamic vinegar cannot be over 6% as a standard)!

Apple cider vinegar is much higher in acidity (typically at least 10%). Recent studies have found that consuming vinegars higher in acidity over time can deteriorate the enamel on your teeth, as well as cause damage to your esophagus!